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To rebuild the cycling momentum in the City of
Marrakesh and establish the City’s commitment

Fast population growth and urban development have increased demand for urban travel in the Ochre City. This trend is characterized by a growing number of motorized vehicles and high levels of congestion, affecting economic development, increasing the demand for fuel, and above all, generating excessive pollution.

This reality requires us to consider other means of transport that are less polluting and healthier alternatives to motorized vehicles. In this regard, the bicycle is a compelling ecological and economical transportation option for Marrakech residents and is one that has served residents well in the past.

To rebuild the cycling momentum in Marrakech and establish the city’s commitment to clean air, Mawarid, the Association for the Environment and Clean Energy, is organizing, within the scope of the organization of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 22), the 6th Annual Eco Bike Tour, or "A Day Without Cars”, under the slogan "Cycling for Climate" on Sunday, May 29, 2016 in Marrakesh.

This event aims to promote a collective awareness of environmental stewardship and support of ecological modes of transportation. With the full support of local elected officials and active citizens, Mawarid is ensuring the safety of cyclists and promoting the development of bike paths along congested Marrakech roadways.

We appreciate the active support of many partners, especially the Société Générale Group, which has been a full-fledged partner of Mawarid from the beginning and continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable urban mobility and environmental stewardship.

Strongly driven by this motivation, Mawarid intends to use modern and innovative technologies to mobilize the local population, whose involvement is crucial.

Mawarid also wants to implement all necessary means to carry out this project and make this event an example duplicable across the country. To achieve these goals, Mawarid intends to lead the conversation about environmental protection through education, awareness, and learning.