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Environmental impact

measure the environmental impact of
bicycle use

Marawid would like to draw attention to the environmental benefits of cycling. This is important because GHG emissions are projected to increase faster from personal vehicles than any other GHG contributor, increasing 80% between 2007 and 2030. In addition, Mawarid would like to show how Marrakech could benefit from building infrastructure that would allow more modes of sustainable transportation. In order to do this there has to be some way to track the pollution savings of riding vs. driving. Marawid is working with experts   another company to construct with a basic equation that would relate the pollution per mile for a car vs. bike.

This is a great tool and a good place to start when looking into the cost benefit ratio dealing with automobile pollution. However, there are a lot of assumptions that have to be made when looking into a benefits equation. Marawid is on track working with a third party company to make a workable equation that will fit the needs for the company.

To help us conduct a study on the environmental and economic impact of this event "Car Free Day" in the city of Marrakech, we ask you to complete the following questionnaire if you count participate:

* Online Questionnaire

Tourisme durable

the success of its promotion as in Marrakech
at the national level

Growing research has shown that bicycling has an economic impact in cities around the world. Marrakesh can certainly utilize bicycling to boost its bottom line, including leveraging its sustainable tourism, in four ways:

People who ride bicycles on vacation spend money. These tourists buy food, have travel costs, and pay for lodging. Bicycling tourists bring millions of dollars to cities and towns in cities that wouldn’t otherwise end up there

Cycling can give a boost to redevelopment and real estate value. By capitalizing on the rise of cycling popularity among millennia and baby boomers alike, employers and cities have positioned bicycling among the top amenities to increase the quality of life and boost health benefits

Bicycling gives a bump to retail visibility and local sales. People who ride bikes buy bikes. This puts people to work in bicycle shops and apparel stores. People who ride bikes buy other things, too. Bike-accessible business districts benefit by catering to these customers.

Finally, businesses and local cycling groups have a great potential for a win-win partnership. These partners could advertise on their respective websites about bike riding events or tours in Marrakesh or elsewhere in Morocco.

Health and well being

The cycling is a great way
to stimulate his mind

Studies have shown that there are multiple health benefits from active commuting which includes cycling. These benefits can translate to a reduction in: cardiovascular events, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, adiposity, depression, dementia, breast cancer, and colon cancer. It is also widely known that cycling and other active commuting methods can improve general fitness of the participants. Furthermore, analysis have shown that the benefits of localities investing in active commuting far outweighs the cost of investment. Moreover, the savings alone in healthcare outweigh the cost in building the active commuting infrastructure. This evidence can allow Marawid to gain more support for “A Day Without Cars” and riding in general